We have gathered the most important news from the cybersecurity world over the past week.

Researchers told us about prices on the Russian market for „breakthrough“ data

DLBI specialists have published a study on the Russian market of human „breakthroughs“ in the darnet.

The median price for obtaining information on banking bases increased by 20% in 2020. An individual’s monthly account/card statement will cost an average of 5,000 to 12,000 roubles.

The price of a „breakthrough“ to subscribers of operators, namely – details of calls and SMS subscriber for the month, varies from 1500 to 15 000 rubles depending on the operator.

To obtain data on individuals from state databases (information about the owner of the vehicle from the traffic police, the movement of a person from the system „Rozysk-Magistral“ and data on passports from AC „Russian passport“) on average pay 1000-1700 rubles.

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Google will launch its own VPN

Google has announced the launch of its own VPN service. Google One for Android users can connect to it. Initially the opportunity will be available only to residents of the United States, support for the service for other countries and the operating system promised to add later.

The network has detected the sale of remote access to 7,500 organisations

At the Russian hacker forums the announcement on sale of access to 7500 organisations, basically connected with education has appeared. The seller offers access to hacked networks through the remote desktop protocol.

The intruder has organized an auction – the initial bid for the entire package starts with 25 BTC, and the option „Buy Now“ can be purchased for 75 BTC.

The extortionist Ragnar Locker attacked the game developer Capcom and the manufacturer Campari

The renowned Italian beverage manufacturer Campari, Cinzano and Appleton were the victims of an attack by the extortion software Ragnar Locker. The attackers allegedly stole 2 TB of confidential data and demanded a ransom of $15 million to recover the encrypted files.

In addition to the Campari Group, the malware attacked Capcom, a Japanese game developer known for its Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Mega Man. The hackers claim that they stole 1 TB of data.

The company has not disclosed the details of the Bitcoin Freedom, but a cybersecurity researcher under the nickname Pancak3 has confirmed that Ragnar Locker operators are behind it.

Russia wants to impose fines for violations of critical information infrastructure security.
The Government of the Russian Federation has submitted a bill to the State Duma which envisages the introduction of large fines for violation of critical information infrastructure security requirements and late submission of information to the authorities responsible for eliminating computer attacks.

It is assumed that fines may reach 500 thousand roubles.

The US authorities have disclosed new types of malware and intensified the search for foreign hackers.
U.S. Cyber Command, together with the FBI and the Agency for Cyber Security and Infrastructure Protection (CISA), detected new types of ComRAT and Zebrocy malware, which the authorities said were used in hacker attacks on government agencies.

According to the report, they are used by the hacker groups Turla and APT28, which are linked to the Russian Federation.

In addition to searching for Russian hackers, the Cyber Command has focused on identifying cybercriminals from China and Iran in recent years and especially before the presidential elections.

Apple and Google have fixed several vulnerabilities already exploited by hackers

Apple has introduced updates for iOS and iPadOS that address zero-day vulnerabilities.

Several updates, also aimed at fixing 0-day vulnerabilities, were reported on Google.

Specialists called on users to update their devices as soon as possible.

The Brazilian Supreme Court suspended systems due to a hacker attack

The Brazilian Supreme Court was attacked by an extortionist virus, forcing it to shut down its systems. Specialists believe that the RansomExx hackers were responsible for the attack.

The websites of many other government organisations have also been disabled, but it is not known whether the same hackers attacked them.

A private prison operator talked about an attack by a extortionist virus.
GEO Group, known for its private prisons and detention centres for illegal immigrants in the US and other countries, was attacked during the summer using extortion software.

Hackers gained access to personal data from inmates and staff in several US facilities.

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