Project Polkadot clarified its roadmap earlier this week, and the DOT price exploded again, surpassing its all-time high. We take stock.

Polkadot’s DOT breaks all-time high

The Polkadot project is gaining momentum at the start of 2021, and this can be seen in the course of its native assets. The DOT thus reached 31.89 dollars early this morning, a new all-time high. The rise of altcoin has been particularly noticeable: it was still only worth around $ 5 two months ago. Since the beginning of February, the DOT has increased by + 105% , breaking record after record:

Polkadot’s cryptocurrency market cap now stands at $ 28.8 billion . The new DOT record allows it to overtake more frankly its immediate rival Cardano (ADA), whose capitalization stands at $ 26.9 billion. DOT is currently the 4th most capitalized crypto asset, and it is gradually closing the gap with Tether (USDT).

Polkadot dévoile on the roadmap

Several factors can explain this great escape from Polkadot’s DOT, including the bullish context in which the majority of cryptocurrencies have been evolving since the start of the year. The Polkadot project has also shown several signs of solidity : it aroused the interest of the giant Grayscale at the end of January, and should also benefit from the rise of Plasm Network, which creates bridges between its networks and the Ethereum blockchain.

But what also seems to have participated in this rise of the DOT is the update of the roadmap of Polkadot at the beginning of the week. The project has announced that it has started the test phase of its “parachains” , the secondary chains which allow it to optimize the resources of its networks. Once this step is completed, the Kurama network will be launched: halfway between a testnet and a mainnet, it will take charge of the last optimizations before a “real” launch of Polkadot.

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